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Creativity doesn’t come easy! Make-Believe Maintenance & Repair is here to help, with project ideas, short prose, and RPG homebrews to get the gears turning smoothly again. Whether you’re a writer in need of a conceptual tune-up, a Game Master in search of spare parts, or just a crafty sort eager to get your hands dirty, take a look around! There’s bound to be something you can use lying around the shop.

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Freelance Witch

Everyone in the States knows that if you need a witch, you can’t do better than Emerson Shrike. Not if you want to hire domestic, anyway. There’s a guy out of the Czech Republic people talk about like he’s the second coming of Merlin, and … Continue reading Freelance Witch


Time is absolute. That was the foundational truth in Evie’s life. One minute was one minute long every time, just like cause flowed down the line into effect and never the reverse. The Delimiter kept everything moving exactly as it should.

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