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Whatever the project, you just aren’t inspired anymore. You can scroll acres of articles on what causes creative blocks but, whether it’s stress or boredom, what it all comes down to is that your heart just isn’t in the work right now. First things first, let’s run a diagnostic:

  • Are you forgetting something? Half-finished chores and looming appointments have a way of niggling at the back of our minds without us even realizing it.
  • Physical check in! Eat if you’re hungry, drink if you’re thirsty, get up and walk around for a minute if you’ve been sitting in one place too long.
  • What’s the noise level? Too much noise – especially speaking voices – can drag you right out of your own train of thought.
  • Has your project gone off the rails? Creative projects are built around essential themes that keep the whole thing coherent and unified. Double check that you haven’t strayed too far from your original concept.

Once you’ve got your immediate situation under control you’re ready to crank things up again and get back to work, but to do that you have to get your headspace back where it needs to be. That’s where we come in! We share our ideas to help spark yours.

Here’s a few of the ways that we can help:

Spare Parts

Need an NPC, MacGuffin, or Emergency Flavor Text? Check out our Spare Parts. Here you’ll find individual story components like locations, characters, and quest hooks. Spare Parts are great as inspiration when you need a nudge in the right direction to flesh out your own story, or as plug-and-play Homebrew RPG content for GMs to use or alter to suit their game.

Body, Glass, & Paint

Crafters, artists, and DIY fiends should head for Body, Glass, & Paint. These posts include art, mini painting, prop design, crafts, and costuming. These posts range from cute and classic projects, like amigurumi, to cool but questionable life choices, like DIY home-tattooing. Come for the expert advice, stay for the inevitable consequences of man’s hubris.

Tool Box

Tool Box posts cover creative writing advice, recommendations, and analysis. If you’re interested in details on classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy tropes, when and how to make clichés work for you, and the occasional review, you’ll find them in the Tool Box.

Show Room

Sometimes you don’t need anything, you just want to enjoy the craft. That’s why we have our Show Room. No mechanics, gimmicks, or practical limitations here! Show Room posts are free-to-read original Sci-Fi and Fantasy flash fiction. read and comment on your favorites.

Make-Believe Maintenance & Repair is just getting started, but we have some big ideas to share. Hopefully we’ll help inspire some big ideas for you too.

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Mal McInnish

Professional public library goblin, hobby-hoarder, and writer, located in Texas, USA.

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