Captain Farrow Locke

Captain Locke is a tall whipcord of a man: strong, but hungry and wasted. The terrible burns across his face took both his eyes and fused one corner of his mouth in a permanent scowl. The wound would have surely killed him, had he not been shortly after washed out to sea.

No one knows what happened to Locke down there in the dark. He reappeared 2 days later in the midst of a squall, striding upright out of a wave, a sickly green skull tattooed over his ruined face and back across his scalp, tracing intricate lines across the scarred over burns. He had been a hard man to start with, but the Farrow Locke who rejoined the pirate ship Vile Secret that day was another thing all-together.

The crew was not unchanged either. This more vicious and more charismatic version of their captain, and the eerie sense of his empty gaze which swathed the upper decks, inspired a fanatic loyalty in his crew. You can always tell one of Locke’s men in a crowd by the green lines of a skeletal jaw tattooed over their own.

For use in D&D, Locke’s tattoo is a magic item:

Weather Eye Tatoo

Woundrous Item (tattoo), Rare, Requires attunement

This tattoo is produced by a special needle, which deposits the ink during attunement. If this item is unattuned, the ink returns to the needle.

When attuned to this tattoo, you have a kind of tremor sense triggered by contact with natural or magical wind instead of the ground. Additionally, once per long rest you can use this item to cast Scry on any place or creature you have observed with this tremor sense. This Scry spell always works, with targeted creatures unable to save to prevent it, but the target can make a DC 14 Wisdom Save in order to sense they are being watched, and if they have seen you before, they know it is you watching them.

Weather Eye Tattoo is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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