The Whispers of the Wind

Havim, the Wind God

Since the beginning, Havim has never been known to take shape. His voice, that of a young boy, around 8 or 9 years old, has often been heard by young children. He worries for kids left on their own and often makes it his business to look out for them, which has led to the formation of the Good Listeners over the millennia.

He’s a playful god, and he enjoys discovery and wonder. Those wanting to leave offerings to Havim leave toys high in trees and on the roofs of tall buildings or build windshrines. Windshrines are mobiles hung from natural features if possible, or built freestanding. Small mirrors, bits of wood, feathers, and ribbon are strung from above in a configuration designed to spin and flutter wildly in the wind. The pieces are roughly painted in sunshine yellow.

Published by

Mal McInnish

Professional public library goblin, hobby-hoarder, and writer, located in Texas, USA.

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