Mal McInnish

Make-Believe Mechanic/Writer

Mal McInnish is one of a number of names for an entity known to haunt a certain public library in North Texas. The phenomenon has been ongoing for several decades and has numerous well-documented manifestations. Mal is prone to fits of productivity, often fabricating elaborate constructions out of unattended craft supplies, disassembling and reassembling automotive equipment, and running power tools at inopportune times of day.

Those who live and work around the entity note that it seems fairly benign, even helpful, but has little respect for established order or organization. Mal has demonstrated a strong antipathy to pet residency restrictions, Lysol products, and free market capitalism.

What is MBM&R?

A repository of advice, inspiration, and ideas in the mold of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Creativity is often either feast or famine; we’re sharing our feast to get you through your famine.

Intellectual Property

Some of the posts on MBM&R will include Fair Use of outside intellectual property, or use special permissions like the Wizards of the Coast Fan Content Policy and the SRD. This material will be noted as appropriate where it is used.

The rights to all original characters, prose, and designs on MBM&R are reserved by their original creator. If you would like to use MBM&R original content for a project not covered by fair use, please contact us at: Admin@makebelievemaintenance.com

Why the Auto Repair Vibes?

Narrative construction, game mechanics, and worldbuilding all tap into the same analytical instinct as engineering and invention. MBM&R isn’t here to tell you what to create, but it will help you locate and fix the problems in your creative process. Also, sometimes fantasy nerds go to trade school and these are the consequences.

Who is “We”?

For now MBM&R is a shade-tree operation, if you will, with only one contributor. With time and hard work, it just might grow. In the spirit of that, MBM&R uses plural language. Also, it sounds less like the abandoned Xanga blog Mal drinks to forget.